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Tropicaleiza Dance + DRUM CO

Tropicaleiza founded  in 2006 and directed by Julie Simon is a multidimensional, dynamic, magnanimous group of powerful diverse women fully expressing themselves through the joyful acts of dancing and drumming. We exist to impart strength vigor and joy, empowering our audience through compelling storytelling, movement workshops, and audience interaction. Our repertoire honors the complex and vital art of the feminine incorporating grounded uninhibited African influenced expression, fluid voluminous contemporary movement and the playfulness and joy of Brazilian dance and music. It is our goal to create a vibrant energetic connection between dancers / musicians and audience members. We believe we should live and breathe to our fullest expression always in all ways. 


Indoor | Outdoor Festivals ,Galas, Private Events, and More

master classes

Dance, Music, Company Rep, some it or all of it you choose!



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