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What to Expect

You Will

  • Dive into foundational movement tools to reach beyond the limits of any one technique

  • Go inside outside and upside down - figuratively and literally!

  • Expand your dance vocabulary

  • Embody your own individual expression and "become the thing"

  • Discover and revel in your true essence boldly moving your beautiful body 

  • Fully engage  in the joyous celebration of dance

  • Experience euphoria

  • Be pushed and challenged 

  • And more 


What People are saying 

Arezou Ghane


As a Psychologist, I must say that Julie’s work is nothing short of healing for the dancers who have the honor of training in this style, but also, the audiences that bear witness to the performance. Her work embodies a kind of vitality, abundance, and unapologetic authenticity that is hard to find in this new era of emotional detachment and addiction to external validation. Julie’s style cannot be summarized by any previously existing genre. It is both a culmination and a transcendence of every piece of inspiration she has meticulously gathered in her years of studying. It is apparent that she is not asking for permission or approval in what she creates. She knows no other way than to move as herself, and so she calls us all to live into our fullest expression of who we are, to not be afraid to articulate our unique vibration. 

Allena Porter


I love the energy of the class. No matter how tired I am I can get absolutely fired up and always have a great time. Her technique is like nothing I've ever seen before, so full of fire and joy. No matter what level you're at you always feel like you are doing something and there's always more to reach for. I also feel the love from Julie each time I go and even after I leave. She'll push you hard but there is no pressure behind it, she just carries you along. You get swept up in her energy. You'll come out of class dripping sweat with shaky legs and be back for the next class. I can't imagine a better way to stay in shape and develop my muscles and stamina!!


Miguel Mullen

Dance Ethnologist

I immediately became enraptured by her infectious energy, her gifted dance abilities and intricate choreographies. Her expressive and unleashed movement style drew me into her limitless world. Her message of empowerment, strength, courage, and joy inspired me. I was hooked and I continued to seek her out ….Her mastery as a teacher is in her ability to work with students of all skill levels and varying dance backgrounds - catapulting them to rise to high technical standards by imparting the confidence and the tools to execute complex and fast paced sequences they never thought were possible. Students complete her classes feeling strong, joyful, and accomplished. 

Michelle linton


Julie Simon's classes make me feel empowered and strong. Her classes give me a release to be free, to walk tall and find confidence to look at myself in the mirror. It is a collective of people coming together and encouraging one another in the space and I love the atmosphere that is created in her classes. She  provides a space of acceptance for all walks of life and brings out the feminine in you. Julie's classes have impacted how I train as a dancer and pushes me into the next level of performing.  Her class awakens in me a focus and determination to be the best I can be. The impact of her classes has given me the tools to be a better performer, to be comfortable in my own skin, to want to make a positive impact on others, to fearlessly move, and discover the woman that I am inside and out.

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