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Bodies on the Line...
This is the norm

Hosted by Karin Plez and Julie Simon 

Lifelong dancers who discuss their journeys and challenge social norms around age, dance, bodies, health and vitality.

Who We Are


Karin Plez 48, is a psychotherapist, registered dance/movement therapist, dancer, choreographer, and recreational aerialist.  Karin started lessons with Julie Simon and joined Tropicaleiza in 2008 for four years, rejoining 10 years after the original start year. Karin formed her own performance group, Vivas Danci, in 2018. You can find her on a social swing dance floor, performing when possible, in tango class, or recording dancing in the street or park.


Julie Simon 54, is a studio owner, choreographer, creator of JSMethod (a comprehensive dance training program)  drummer, director of Tropicaleiza Dance + Drum Co., mother and wife. You can find her always sweaty, always in the studio, going full out full time. 

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