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class Schedule

MONDAYS: Barre Blaze 9am | Samba 6pm 

WEDNESDAYS : AfroContemporary 7pm

THURSDAYS : Global Flow 9am

FRIDAYS : Barre Blaze 9am 

Joy is an anti-inflammatory 
Even in Matters of the Heart



Taught as a master class, group class or company class, this class challenges dancers to push beyond traditional techniques. This class is a joyous celebration that incorporates grounded and uninhibited African-influenced expression, the posture and playfulness of Brazilian dance, together with fluid and voluminous contemporary movement. It's intense, it's liberating, it's joyful. You'll thank you and your body will thank you ...once you catch your breath.

Barre Blaze

Set to heart pounding drum beats, this class is the foundation of the JSMethod.Traditional stretching gets a global twist through heart pumping rhythms and innovative movements that focus on the principles of core strengthening and muscle elongation. It’s a perfect blend of traditional and world dance techniques that define and sculpt your body. This unique class that will push you to your physical limits and is a great base for the JSMethod!




Learn Brazilian Samba and everything that goes with it. Very high energy open level classes that focus on Samba technique, drills, and choreography.

Taught in a 4, 6 or 8 week series,

classes begin with a total body warm-up followed by exercises (dancing) across the floor and finishes with some choreography and just plain sweaty infectious fun!

No experience necessary, the only requirement is the desire to let loose and have fun.


Global Flow

Dance infused Heated Yoga set to

Brazilian | African | Caribbean Rhythms and /or Live Music!

Fullest Expression Always in All Ways! 

Dance experience not required, basic yoga pose knowledge helpful. 


For videos of what a weekly class looks like 

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