Dance Artist Julie Simon, has been a professional dancer for 30 years performing in styles ranging from Brazilian, Caribbean and Latin Dances, to  and Afro-Contemporary Dance Styles.

She was based in Northern Ca. for 7 years, Africa for 4 months, Europe for 7 years training and performing internationally in 14 different countries before returning to her native Southern California. She began teaching in  2003 through the urging of her mentor Eneida Castro. 


A few highlights include : 


2003-Present Teaching Artist.


2006 Founded Tropicaleiza Dance Company.

    -2017-18 works include  

    *Full length concert -Sustain 

    *The 5 (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Metal) 

    *Jailbreak -True freedom from all chains both real

and self imposed 

    *Circle of Life (set on MSjC dance department) 

    *Library Beat -Site Specific work for Trolley Dances 2018

         *Primal - Opening Number Extravaganza for

Sold Out Palm Springs Dance Festival

2007-09 Produced Femme Tropicale a dinner show.

Every show sold out


2010-Present produced “World Dance Intensives” Featuring Master Instructors specializing in Afro Brazilian Dance,

Afro Cuban Dance and West African Dance.


2011 Invited speaker for a TedX event speaking on

The Transformative Power of Dance. 


2012- 2018 Partnered with Room To Dance Studio and opened World To Dance Studio, now Infuse Dance Studio featuring classes from all over the globe for adults. 

 2013 Creation of Muvuca Bateria, an all female 18 piece Brazilian inspired drum ensemble. 


2016 Premier of Lover|Fighter|Mother|Queen a full length dinner show honoring the complex and vital art of the feminine


2017 Co-created Ignite Accelerator, a business / technique academy for dancers, as well as Infuse Dance Collective, an on-line magazine by dancers for dancers. 


2018 Launch of the JSMethod, an extensive dance training program. For a full description of JSMethod 


2019 Launch of Global Flow -

Dance infused Power/Vinyasa Yoga. 

Currently Julie teaches weekly classes, workshops and residencies, continues performing with both Tropicaleiza and Muvuca.  

© 2018 by Julie Simon


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